Download the program from this page and put it on a USB drive

If you have any doubt as to the Model Number, refer to the Serial Number panel on the machine itself, where your model number will be listed.

1. Select the file matching your machine from the list below.

2. Double-click the link and download the program to your computer. It will be in a compressed file ending in “.zip”.

3. Uncompress the file on your computer by right-clicking on the file, and choosing “Extract All”.

4. Insert a USB drove into your computer, and specify the drive as the location to extract the files.

5. Follow the Windows procedure to properly stop and remove the USB drive from the computer and take it with you to the machine.

6. Once you have the program on a USB drive, follow the instructions here for uploading the new program.




Chicken and Turkey Wing Segmentors and Mid-Wing Segmentors


Turkey Gizzard Splitter

Turkey Breast Cleaner

Shoulder & Neck Skinner

Chicken Tendon Tender Clipper

Turkey Breast Cleaner (Defatter)