OEM Replacement Parts

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SegmentorParts.1Prime Equipment Group's machines are well-engineered tools that poultry processors rely on to help them meet and exceed their processing goals. And the best way of maintaining the factory-fresh reliability and yield production is to follow the recommended maintenance schedule and replace parts only with Prime OEM spare parts.

Sticking with the OEM part offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Prime OEM replacement parts are the only factory-recommended parts that will preserve the efficiencies that we build into every machine.
  • There's no guessing whether a Prime part is going to fit because it's exactly the same as the original part.
  • We keep a full history of your replacement-part purchases, and we review that history periodically to be sure you're following normal usage patterns. This allows Prime another way to troubleshoot potential problems before you realize you have them.
  • Our extensive spare parts inventory allows Prime to deliver your parts quickly and efficiently when you need them.
  • We keep you up-to-date with any changes to parts or assemblies.

Keeping a recommended stock of spare parts is also the best practice to avoid costly downtime and rush charges. Talk to a service rep or sales rep today to be sure you're ready with the proper stock of spares in your facility. Just call (614) 253-8590.

Why trust your plant's reliability and yield production to anyone but the OEM manufacturer?