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Add 0.25 Percent To Yield And Pay Back In A Month? It’s Possible, With The Dual-Cascade Cooler™ 

New DCC-1 solidifies emulsified fat to pick up yield—and adds an additional intervention point for anti-microbial agents Ever look at the floor under the line coming from your final picker and see the sheen of oil on the water? That’s yield, disappearing down the drain. Prime Equipment Group’s new Dual Cascade Cooler reclaims that lost yield by immediately […]

Reduce Bacteria Counts, Improve Quality And Yield–Even Eliminate The Cropper On Breast Debone Lines

The CSNS-2 Chicken Shoulder & Neck Skinner from Prime offers a comprehensive solution that helps multiple processes Are your machines doing everything they can to maximize your plant’s performance? The Prime Equipment Group CSNS-2 Chicken Neck & Shoulder Skinner can better your processing and up your stats in four distinct areas. “Prime Equipment Group works […]