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Compact And Effective, Prime’s New VBS-6 Vertical Bird Washer Fits In The Tightest Layouts

Traditional bird brushes are proven effective at helping reduce microbial hits – but they’re no use if they don’t fit in a cramped layout. In a tight situation, the answer is simple: The minimal-footprint VBS-6 Vertical Bird Scrubber from Prime Equipment Group, which fits where others don’t. The Prime scrubber takes up about 30 inches […]

All-New Rotary Separator Screen Design Focuses On Ease-Of- Use And Simple M&R

Take the hassle out of water separation with Prime Equipment Group’s completely redesigned Rotary Separator Screens, now with a host of improvements that make them easier than ever to run and maintain. Prime engineers focused on making a simple, durable and effective screen that would also be easy to use day-to-day. Features and benefits include: […]

Go Green With All-New Re-Use Screens & Tanks

Save Water & Money With Prime–The Leader In Water Re-Use All-new LFS-Series water re-use screens and skimmer tanks from Prime Equipment Group make it easier than ever to hit your sustainability targets and water-re-use goals. The new designs draw on Prime’s years of experience in water-re-use and focus on ease-of-use, simple M&R, trouble-free operation and […]

Are You Getting The Best Yield Possible On Chicken Tenders?

Save 1 person per line per shift, and up to 2 grams per tender The best way to add to your bottom line? Reduce labor and increase yield. The Prime Equipment Group CTTC-1 Chicken Tender Tendon Clipper consistently does both. The numbers tell the story: 1 person per line per shift saved. Matches or typically […]

Never Compromise on Wing & Breast Yield and Ergonomics

Prime CWS-Series Chicken Wing Segmenters offer flexible, efficient and space-saving solutions for cutting wings Prime Equipment Group originated the wing segmenter category, and CWS-Series Segmenters remain the market leaders, with more than 400 in operation worldwide. The CWS-Series leads the industry in: Breast & Wing Yield Worker Ergonomics Cut quality Cut consistency Food Safety Ease […]

Unlock Keel Profits with Prime Equipment Group’s CKH-1 Chicken Keel Harvester

Increased demand for keels for pharmaceutical use opens up new revenue streams The market for chicken keels is heating up, and you can cash in with Prime Equipment Group’s CKH-1 Chicken Keel Harvester. Fueling the growing keel market is the global demand for glucosomine-chondroitin, the popular supplement aimed at protecting and rebuilding arthritic joints and […]

Get More A-Grade And B-Grade Paws Simply And Efficiently

The efficient, cost-effective, reliable way to increase paw yields Looking to increase profits from paws? The Prime Equipment Group In-Line Paw Scrubber ILPS-1, is the answer. “You won’t find a more thorough way to clean and upgrade paws, minimize water use and reduce water temperatures in scalders down-line than our ILPS-1,” said Prime Equipment President […]

Reduce Solids In The Scalder And Upgrade Anti-Microbial Intervention with Prime’s Pre-Scald Scrubbers

Cleans birds, improves picking and allows lower scalding temps for increased yield Lowering bacteria counts on a processing line requires antimicrobial intervention steps at several points — and the Prime Pre-Scald Scrubber adds an effective cleaning step that can reduce solids in the scalder, allow lower scald temps and improve bacteria counts downline. “A key […]

Add 0.25 Percent To Yield And Pay Back In A Month? It’s Possible, With The Dual-Cascade Cooler™ 

New DCC-1 solidifies emulsified fat to pick up yield—and adds an additional intervention point for anti-microbial agents Ever look at the floor under the line coming from your final picker and see the sheen of oil on the water? That’s yield, disappearing down the drain. Prime Equipment Group’s new Dual Cascade Cooler reclaims that lost yield by immediately […]

Reduce Bacteria Counts, Improve Quality And Yield–Even Eliminate The Cropper On Breast Debone Lines

The CSNS-2 Chicken Shoulder & Neck Skinner from Prime offers a comprehensive solution that helps multiple processes Are your machines doing everything they can to maximize your plant’s performance? The Prime Equipment Group CSNS-2 Chicken Neck & Shoulder Skinner can better your processing and up your stats in four distinct areas. “Prime Equipment Group works […]