Water Filtration & Re-Use Overview


Go Green: Prime Equipment Group Water Conservation Systems

Prime Equipment Groups engineers literally wrote the book on water conservation in poultry plants in the mid-2000s. Thats when the experts at the facility that became Prime-Gainesville worked with the USDA to craft the regulations that allowed processing plants to save water, money and the environment by filtering and re-circulating water.

The concept is simple:

  • Evisceration and paw water are best for conservation.
  • Collect water that normally drains to treatment.
  • In evisceration, screen out solids via two drum screens to the 0.008 level, then filter further to the 0.005 level.
  • With paws, screen solids out to the 0.015 level.
  • Add anti-microbial agents as needed.
  • Pump the water up-line for re-use.

The savings can be substantial:

  • Saving 200 GPM at $4.50/k gal = $864.00 savings per day, or $216,000.00 savings per year.

Click here for a pdf sheet explaining green water re-use and re-circulation

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