TSK-NW No-Water Turkey Skinners


TSK NW-Series Skinners are an innovative and water-free solution for skinning bone-in and boneless turkey products. Available in belt widths of 12 and 24 inches for turkey and chicken, Prime No-Water Skinners use an air knife for paddlewheel clearing. This allows the machine to be used in countries that do not allow water in processing (typically Europe).

TSK-NW No Water Turkey Skinner product sheet

TSK-CE-Approved No Water Turkey Skinner Product Sheet

  • Air knife uses filtered air to clear paddlewheel
  • Adjustable fat removal
  • Customized options for any production line
  • Reduces water treatment costs
  • Less maintenance parts usage
  • Ideal for plants where water is not allowed (typically Europe)

Electrical Requirements: (1) 2 hp motor; 480V, 3 ph, 60 Hz, 15 amps

Air Requirements: (1) 1/2 connection; 25-50 CFM, depending on width (intervals); 100 PSI min.

Net Weight: 12 inch: 600 lbs (272 kg); 24 inch: 800 lbs. (362 kg)

Production Rates

  • Breast Butterflies (boneless): 24 inch: Up to 30
  • Split Breasts (boneless): 24 inch: Up to 60
  • Thighs (bone-in): 24 inch: Up to 100
  • Drumsticks (bone-in):  24 inch: Up to 60
  • Scapula (boneless):  24 inch: Up to 160