TMWS-1 Turkey Mid-Wing Splitter


The TMWS-1 Turkey Mid-Wing Splitter separates turkey mid-wings into two pieces at a rate up to 100 pieces per minute, with a well-guarded cutting area that improves operator safety. Up to 4 machine operators load two midwing pieces into each of the plastic product cavities. The
TMWS-1 is the simplest and most consistent mid-wing cutting solution in the industry today.

  • Cavity promotes precise wing positioning for consistent cuts
  • Well-guarded cutting area improves operator safety
  • Narrow frame maximizes ergonomics
  • Consistent A-Grade mid-wing cuts
  • Increased worker productivity and safety
  • Flexible space for 2-4 associates depending on production neeeds

Electrical requirements:
(1) 2 hp motor, 208-230/460V, 60 Hz

Water requirements:
1 GPM, 40 PSI (min), 3/8” OD inlet

Net Weight:
Approx: 2,000 pounds

Production rates:
Up to 100 mid-wings/min; rate varies by no. of operators