TGS-2 A-Grade Turkey Gizzard Splitter


The TGS-2 Turkey Gizzard Splitter is designed to split turkey gizzards and flush primary ingesta material at a rate of up to 30 pieces per minute. Featuring an upgraded high-pressure water knife to deliver even better and more consistent splitting results, the TGS-2 offers an efficient and flexible approach to A-Grade gizzard processing, with less dependence on manual labor.

TGS-2 A-Grade Turkey Gizzard Splitter product sheet

  • Splits gizzards and flushes ingesta materials
  • High-pressure water knife improves cut quality and gizzard
  • Processing efficiency small machine footprint
  • Integrates with operation reduce manual gizzard processing labor
  • Water knife reduces maintenance and replacement blade costs
  • Produces more upgraded a-grade cuts

Electrical Requirements: (1) 3/4 hp motor; 480V, 3 ph, 60 Hz, 20 amps

Water Requirements: (1) 3/4, (1) 1 connection; 17.5 GPM (66.24 LPM); 40-80 PSI See pump details below.

Pump Requirements: (1) 7.5 hp motor; 230/460V, 3 hp, 60 Hz – (3.0 GPM)

High-pressure splitter pump: (1) 7.5 hp motor; 230/460V, 3 hp, 60 Hz – (3.0 GPM)

Low-pressure flush pump: (1) 1 hp motor; 230/460V. 3 ph, 60 Hz – (8.0 GPM)

Net Weight: 550 lbs. (249 kg)

Production Rate: Turkey Gizzards, Toms: Up to 30 per minute. Turkey Gizzards, Hens: Up to 30 per minute