SBI Counter-Rotating Primary Pickers By Prime – Chicken


COUNTER-ROTATING PRIMARY PICKERS effectively pick the fastest line speeds or stunning methods for turkeys, chickens, and ducks. The counter-rotating side banks are fully and independently adjustable in height and width to fully cover birds. In chicken applications, the picker helps reduce wing breakage, can allow for lower scald temperatures and possibly allow for a reduction in the total number of pickers used.

Counter-Rotating Primary Picker Product Sheet

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  • Adjustable side banks reduce wing breakage and allow for a wide range of bird sizes
  • Picks effectively to reduce number of pickers in some cases
  • Large banks for superior coverage
  • Optional bottom-picking bank for turkeys and large birds
  • Rubber gears reduce noise and wear
  • Reduce scald temperatures and pinning labor
  • Run faster line speeds with fewer pickers
  • Reduces hot water costs
  • A complete solution when paired with prime finishing pickers

Electrical Requirements SCP (Chicken): (2) 10 hp, (2) 15 hp; (1) 1hp for hyrdaulic box

Electrical Requirements, SFA (Ducks): (2) 20 hp, (2) 15 hp; (3) 4hp for central bar; (1) hp for hydraulic box

Electrical Requirements SCT (Turkey): (2) 30 hp, (2) 25 hp; (3) 4 hp for central bar; (1) 1 hp for hydraulic box

Optional Hydraulic for Turkey: Supply: 21 Gpm; Min pressure 290 psi

Net Weights: Chicken-6,613 lbs; Turkey-7,716 lbs; Duck-7,054 lbs.