Prime Smart Line: Semi-Automated Breast Deboning


Semi-Automated Cone Line Deboning with the Prime Smart Cone Line

The Prime Smart Cone Line Deboning System provides industry-leading yields and labor efficiencies by automating processes along the line while harvesting wings, breasts, tenders and keel cartilage from the front half of the bird. The Prime Smart Cone Line allows for faster line speeds with less labor while improving yields. Prime machines fit adjacent the cone line for optimal ergonomics, while eliminating dangerous and strenuous tasks on the line. The industry’s top producing plants all use the Prime Smart Cone Line.

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  • Offers the industry’s best yield–the top-ranking plants in the U.S. use this system.
  • Low capital costs and savings that pay back every day
  • Strategic automation eliminates strenuous jobs
  • Workers used where skills offer best yield
  • Reduces staffing, typically from 17 to 13
  • Allows for faster line speeds (40 BPM vs. 34 BPM)
  • Machine placement allows optimal ergonomics
  • Compact footprint offers layout flexibility
  • Reduces labor significantly
  • Allows for faster processing line speeds
  • Safe to operate & easy to maintain
  • Engineered specifically to suit your production requirements