PC-1S Anti-microbial parts washer


Prime Parts Washers are designed to ensure full immersion of dropped or cut parts in antimicrobial solution, and can be used for off-line applications. The washer can be used to effectively time the product dwell time and solution coverage, and it complements other Prime machines that can be part of a complete intervention solution.

PC-1S Anti-Microbial Parts Washer Product Sheet

  • Effective full coverage of antimicrobial solution
  • Adjustable for dwell time and coverage
  • Custom lengths and exits available
    Offline applications allow flexible use in changing plant conditions
  • Air agitation available to ensure extra coverage for maximum antimicrobial effect

Electrical Requirements:
(1) 1 hp motors, 208-230/460 volts, 3-phase

Water Requirements:
Operating capacity 225 Gal.

Aproximately 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg)

Production Rate: