OLQ-1 On-Line Leg Quartering Unit


The OLQ-1 On-Line Quartering Unit is designed to automatically split back halves into quarters while birds are in shackles on-line. Pivoting shackles present the back half to the blade automatically, and leg quarters are then dropped for additional processing or pack-out. The OLQ-1 works perfectly downline from Prime’s HM-Series halver and BSC-1 Back Skin Cutter.

  • Machine-made cuts improrve consistency compared to hand cuts
  • Improves safety over hand cutting
  • The ideal complement to Prime’s HM-1 Halver and BSC-1 Back Skin Cutter for a complete cut-up solution\
  • Eliminate manual leg-quartering labor
  • Improve yield cut and consistency
  • Proven design offers time-tested, consistent results
  • Prime Equipment Group quality is built-in

OLQ-1 On-Line Leg Quartering Unit Product Sheet

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Electrical Requirements:
(1) 2 hp, (1) 1 hp motor; 480V, 3 ph, 60 Hz, 15 amps

Net Weight:
Approximately 800 lbs. (362 kg)

Production Rate:
Variable with line speed