MARS-Prime Equipment Group Efficiency Monitoring System


MARS Efficiency Monitoring System: You can’t improve what you don’t measure

Get the most out of your process by measuring, monitoring in real time, and focusing on real improvements that impact the bottom line

Using counters, weigh stations and diverters, the MARS Efficiency Monitoring System at its heart counts and weighs incoming product before a given process, and outgoing product after. Then it creates reports in real time and by shift, with actionable data that allow you to instantly measure changes in process.



Real-time tracking of multiple processes

Measure the effective yield of human, robotic or machine trimmers, with grades and reports available in real time by machine, by person and by line. Information can be used in real-time to improve efficiency, and can be tracked over time to show historical improvement.

Data, dashboards, reports and actionable information

The live production status is available in the form of a dashboard. Plant personnel can register for shift reports and alarms to be sent as either emails or text messages.  Examples of alarms include when a line stops during production or when there is no product on a line during production.

Tracking can be integrated into existing processes. For example:

Proportioning scale systems that monitor and blend sorted products from multiple lines into customer-specific mixes for packout

Slide Scale Sizer Systems that can weigh and sort incoming birds or cut parts and send to different lines by size

JBT-Prime Equipment Group can also offer custom systems for individual plant processes

Download the MARS Efficiency Monitoring System Product Sheet here