MARS Paw Recovery System


Paw Recovery System for Chicken preserves food safety

Track chicken feet in the shackle or trays, and reject them if the bird is condemned.

The Paw Recovery System keeps precise track of chicken paws after they are separated from the rest of the bird, so that the paws can be automatically discarded when an inspection official rejects a chicken on the evisceration line.  The system is proven in dozens of poultry plants throughout the USA.



Precise tracking of paws and birds

The paws are tracked using a series of photoeyes on the Kill Line and the Evisceration Line, and by knowing how many shackles are between the various photoeyes and the Inspection Stations. 

Suitable for paws in shackles or conveyors

Paws can be ejected directly from the shackle. If instead there is a Paw Conveyor at the end of the Kill Line, Timed Virtual Shackles keep track of the paws as they reach the Paw Reject Gate, which mechanically ejects them. 

Tuned for high yield

The system is designed to use a narrow paw-recovery window to provide for a high yield with minimal adjacent paws rejected

Also tracks efficiency

In addition to paw tracking and rejection, the MARS system  tracks multiple parameters that help streamline line processes. Data collected includes: total count, projected count, line efficiency, product efficiency, birds per man-hour, start, stop and run time, lost production time, downtime and empty shackles.

Download MARS-Prime Paw Recovery System Product Sheet here