ILBD-2C Yield King In-Line Breast Deboner


The ILBD-2C In-Line Breast Deboner for Chicken is an all-new design from Prime that totally re-invents automated front-half deboning, saving labor and delivering the highest yields with a small footprint for any application. The ILBD-2C uses proven, simple mechanical techniques to completely debone chicken front halves with a staff of only 4, not including trim and inspection personnel depending on customer requirements.

ILBD-2C In-Line Breast Deboner Product Sheet

ILBD-2C Produto Pagina Brasil 



  • Consistent high yields
  • Pulls butterfly breast from frame
  • Cuts wings from breast
  • Severs tender tendon
  • Scores and removes tenders
  • Drops harvested frame
  • Simple sanitation and maintenance
  • Re-invents front half deboning with simple, proven mechanical means
  • Processes up to 36 front halves/min
  • Width adjusts for 3.5 – 11.5-pound birds
  • Smaller footprint than the cone line it replaces- 38 vs. 60 feet
  • Yield-efficient wishbone removal
  • Replaces 17 workers vs. A manual line; 10-11 vs. A prime smart cone line
  • Designed for maintenance and sanitation efficiency
  • PLC intelligence to monitor performance and uptime