HM-2 Chicken Halving Machine


The Prime HM-2 Chicken Halving Machine automatically and effectively separates the front half from the saddle. Operating at speeds exceeding 180 BPM, the HM-2 can be adjusted to remove more rib bones or saddle to maximize leg quarter yield. The Halving Machine can be adjusted to completely cut front halves from the saddle or leave the front half hanging by the back skin, to be removed by the back skin cutter to maximize skin and fat yield.

HM-2 Chicken Halving Machine

HM-2 Produto Pagina (Brasil)

HM-2 Pagina de Producto

  • Line-driven solution for halving designed to allow for production flexibility
  • Easy adjustment for changes in product requirements
  • Adapatable to, and can improve yields on various overhead lines
  • Efficient: requires no additional power or operator
  • Versatile: adjustable for different processing options
  • Backed by the FoodCraft re-engineered by prime service network

Electrical Requirements
N/A – Line driven

Hydraulic Requirements:
N/A – Line driven

Net Weight:
800 lbs. (363 kg)

Gross Weight:
950 lbs. (431 kg)

510 (1.78m)

74 (2.24m)

41 (1.24m)

Production Rate:

Up to 180 BPM