GH-1T Turkey Giblet Harvester


The GH-1T Gizzard Harvester from Prime Equipment Group is a high-capacity, efficient solution for separating heart and liver from turkey gizzards. Placed adjacent to the evisceration line and fed by evis workers as they remove internal organs, the GH-1T uses a rotary blade to slice between the heart/liver and the gizzard.

GH-1T Turkey Gizzard Harvester Product Sheet


  • Separates heart/liver from gizzard/intestines
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Heavy-duty, USA-made simple solution for gizzard processing
  • High-capacity throughput saves labor vs. hand separation
  • Pairs with Prime’s GS-T gizzard stripper for a fully automated gizzard-processing solution

(3) 0.5 HP motors 480V 15 amp

(1) 1/4” NPT 1 GPM 40 PSI

1750 pounds

Production Rate:
55 packs/min plus