CL-T-Series Cone Line for Turkey


Prime Turkey Cone Lines offer the ideal platform for semi-automating turkey front-half cut-up, allowing maximum product efficiency by indexing front-half speed to ensure consistent worker productivity. Prime Equipment Group can configure single- or double-lane cone lines to any specification for width, height, length, and include integrated product conveyors for ease-of-use. Simple and durable, Prime Turkey Cone Lines are the centerpiece for semi-automating turkey cut-up with Prime’s complete processing solutions.

  • Stainless steel construction is durable and proven
  •  Cones sized for hens or toms
  • Complete custom solutions available for any layout need
  • Dual- or single-lane versions
  • Adjustable speed for variable productivity needs
  • Best long-term life and maintenance costs
  • Indexes worker productivity for best consistency
  • The industry standard for semi-automation
  • Ideal platform to integrate Prime cut-up solutions

CL-T-Series Cone Line for Turkey Product Sheet