CKH-1 Chicken Keel Harvester


CKH-1 The CKH-1 Chicken Keel Harvester is positioned at the end of the cone line and harvests the lower, white soft piece of keel cartilage from chicken front halves. Keels have a variety of uses, but are used primarily as a component of the pharmaceutical supplement Glucosomine.

CKH-1 Chicken Keel Harvester product sheet

  • Efficient, effective keel removal on the cone line
  • Positioned at the end of the cone line
  • Effective at all line speeds
  • Improves yield vs. manual keel removal
  • Reduces labor: No additional line positions needed
  • Allows for additional profit from keel market

Electrical Requirements: (1) 1/2 hp motor, 480 volts

Water Requirements: (1) 3/8 connector; 1/2 gpm

Weight: 400 lbs

Production Rate: Variable with line speed