BUR-T Rotary Bird Unloader for Turkey


The Prime Equipment Group Rotary Bird Unloader is a simple solution for removing birds from the shackle at any point on the line. The chainless deisgn eliminates broken or damaged hocks caused by chain binding, and its simple design is easy to clean and maintain.

BUR-T Rotary Bird Unloader for Turkey Product Sheet

  • Removes birds from overhead line at any point on the line
  • Simple solution requires no chain for operation
  • Eliminates broken or damaged hocks due to chain interference
  • Improves product quality by eliminating damaged hocks or birds due to chain interference
  • Simple design is easy to maintain and sanitize for trouble-free operation

Electrical Requirements:
(1) 3/5-hp motor

Water Requirements
Variable depending on BPM

Net Weight
500 pounds

Porduction Rates

Variable with line speed