BP-1 Breast Processor


The BP-1 Chicken Breast Processor cuts up the front half of the chicken after it has been separated from the back half. The machine enhances yield, improves safety and reduces labor with precise cuts. The BP-1 features adjustable blade configurations to allow the machine to remove wings, remove the back strip, split the back, split the breast, or any combination.

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  • Performs multiple cuts on chicken front halves
  • Easy adjustment for changes in product requirements and cuts
  • A proven Foodcraft design, re-engineered by Prime Equipment
  • Infeed mechanism ensures consistent loading alignment, allowing a single operator per machine to process at up to 30 front halves per minute depending on process
  • Fully adaptable for multiple cut configurations

Hydraulic Requirements: 25 gpm @ 1100 psi (water: 40 psi)

Net Weight: 900 lbs. (408 kg)

Gross Weight: 990 lbs. (449 kg)

Production Rate: Up to 30 chicken front halves