Brand Partnerships

Prime innovation and reliability go deeper in the plant than ever

Prime Equipment Group represents a number of different equipment manufacturers in the U.S.A. and abroad to complement our own product line.  These strategic partnerships allow us to offer a complete and competitive product mix for the poultry processing industry, where Prime has come to be known as a reliable resource for nearly all processing projects in slaughtering, evisceration, cut-up and deboning.

Please click here to find a representative for your area or check out one of our brand partners below:

S.B. Impianti SRL - Montichiari, Italy
[Distributor in North America, South America and Russia]
Feather removal systems for the chicken and turkey processing industries.



Diversified Machine Products - Gainesville, GA, U.S.A.
[Global Manufacturer & Distributor]
Prime acquired DMP in 2010; operating as Prime Equipment Group-Gainesville.
Water screening & reuse systems, feather & offal separators and many other solutions in 1st processing for the chicken and turkey processing industries.


FoodCraft, Inc. - Northville, MI, U.S.A.
[Global Manufacturer & Distributor]
Prime Equipment Group is the sole provider of FoodCraft equipment, and in 2014 embarked on a full re-engineering program on all FoodCraft designs to update them to modern specifications., and sell them to processing customers. Prime is also supplying OEM parts for the existing FoodCraft install base.
Cut-up equipment systems for the chicken and turkey processing industries.

Humane-Aire - Zeeland, MI
[Distributor outside the U.S.]
Controlled Atmosphere Stunning Systems, transport and load/unload coops.


Tectru, - Chapeco, Santa Catarina, Brasil
[Distributor in the USA and Europe]
Prime is the distributor and official OEM parts supplier for Tectru. Evisceration machines, including gizzard processors and reprocessors for poultry.


Gainco, Inc. - Gainesville, GA, U.S.A.
[Distributor in Brazil and Russia]
Weighing, sizing and metal detection equipment for the chicken and turkey processing industries.


Simmons Engineering Company, Inc. - Dallas, GA, U.S.A.
[Distributor in South America and Russia]

Automated stunning and killing systems for the chicken and turkey processing industries.