Compact And Effective, Prime’s New VBS-6 Vertical Bird Washer Fits In The Tightest Layouts

Traditional bird brushes are proven effective at helping reduce microbial hits – but they’re no use if they don’t fit in a cramped layout.

In a tight situation, the answer is simple: The minimal-footprint VBS-6 Vertical Bird Scrubber from Prime Equipment Group, which fits where others don’t.

The Prime scrubber takes up about 30 inches of line space, not including floor- or ceiling-mounted framework, which would typically add only a few inches to either the sides or ends.

Inside, a pair of rotating brushes clean birds, and provide a spot for anti-microbial water washing, as well.

The VBS-6 is particularly effective in helping reducing fecal hits when placed in the final position before USDA inspection.

Pair the system with a Prime Equipment Group Water Re-Use System, making the additional water usage for bird cleaning minimal.

Features and benefits include:

  • Small footprint allows placement where other brushes won’t fit
  • Can be floor- or ceiling-mounted
  • Durable, high-quality stainless-steel components for long life
  • High-density plastic door runners for quiet operation and ease of sanitation
  • Fully automatic; requires no workers
  • Varying brushes available for a range of uses

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