Are You Getting The Best Yield Possible On Chicken Tenders?

Save 1 person per line per shift, and up to 2 grams per tender

The best way to add to your bottom line? Reduce labor and increase yield. The Prime Equipment Group CTTC-1 Chicken Tender Tendon Clipper consistently does both.

The numbers tell the story: 1 person per line per shift saved. Matches or typically inreases yield by up to 2 grams per tender.

The CTTC-1 fits directly atop the cone line for maximum space savings, making it a compact workhorse that can fit onto any line.

“Prime Equipment Group’s goal is to produce high quality machines that add value, and that’s especially true with our CTTC-1 Chicken Tender Tendon Clipper,” said Prime Equipment Group President Joe Gasbarro.

“The CTTC-1 increases profits not only by saving labor, but also by easily matching, and typically increasing yields by up to 2 grams per tender, with consistent, repeatable cuts to remove tendons,” he said. “Hand trimming is a monotonous job that should be eliminated, if possible.”

Key features and benefits of the Prime CTTC-1:

  • A simple and effective on-line solution.
  • Capable of operating at speeds of up to 50 front halves per minute.
  • The CTTC-1 severs the main wing tendon while it is still connected with the shoulder.Improves clip consistency and tender shape.
  • Adjustable frame allows operation in existing cone line.
  • CTTC-1 comparison 2Works with Prime Accu-Loc cone and shaft.\
  • Accu-Loc system won’t work loose, and allows rotation of the front half for tendon-clipping.
  • Reduces labor by at least one worker per line.
  • Increases tender yield up to 0.75 percent (0.5G to 2G)

Prime’s CTTC-1 pairs well with other labor-saving machines that increase efficiency and profits, including the CKH-1 Chicken Keel Harvester™. As the industry experts on Cone Line Deboning, Prime offers a complete line of machines that integrate perfectly with your cone lines to offer class-leading performance in every category.

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