Never Compromise on Wing & Breast Yield and Ergonomics

Prime CWS-Series Chicken Wing Segmenters offer flexible, efficient and space-saving solutions for cutting wings

Prime Equipment Group originated the wing segmenter category, and CWS-Series Segmenters remain the market leaders, with more than 400 in operation worldwide.

The CWS-Series leads the industry in:

  • Breast & Wing Yield
  • Worker Ergonomics
  • Cut quality
  • Cut consistency
  • Food Safety
  • Ease of Maintenance

“Prime Wing Segmenters have benefitted from a constant program of innovation and improvement, making them the most refined, consistent performers in the Wing Segmenter arena,” said Prime Equipment Group President Joe Gasbarro.

“Processors rely on more than 400 Prime CWS Wing Segmenters in operation in plants around the world, delivering daily the highest yields, consistent high-quality cuts and worker-friendly ergonomics that combine to maximize processor profits.”

The CWS-Series is available in multiple lengths and with two cutting-head options–a fixed blade for a wedge-cut, and a rotary blade that replicates the look of hand-saw cuts.

Additionally, the CWS line benefits from a complete re-engineering effort in 2012 that upgraded more than 16 distinct areas. Processors who have not upgraded their early-model machines can learn more about a special upgrade offer by clicking here.*

Prime CWS-Series segmenters offer market-leading performance in several areas (for a PDF list of key features, click here):

Yield Benefits

  • Prime CWS-Series machines allow the wing rounder to focus on the product and the cut–not be distracted by looking for a moving shackle.
  • When the rounder can focus on the cut, he/she can “hit the mark” and maximize yield by making more precise cuts in the proper locations. This attention allows maximum breast meat to remain on the breast.
  • Wings are conveyed and cannot be lost by falling to the floor.

Cut Benefits:

  • Prime CWS cutting accuracy is 97 percent to 98 percent, maximizing A-Grade cuts for maximum cut yield.
  • Conveyed wings allow cut quality to be evaluated by line and by machine, allowing supervisors to focus cut training where it’s needed.
  • The Prime CWS cutting system is well-proven, with more than 400 machines in operation in plants around the world.
  • The CWS line benefits from years of continual improvements.

Ergonomic Benefits:

  • CWS-Series machines are placed adjacent the cone line for ideal ergonomics.
  • Prime CWS machines allow the correct ergonomics for any worker, regardless of height.
  • No overhead reach or arm extension is required, reducing the chance of Repetitive Strain Injuries.
  • The Prime CWS allows a worker to place a cut wing directly below the cut location, for speedy, precise cuts and accurate product placement.
  • Ergonomics allow for high focus and low stress for workers, maximizing accuracy, yield and cut quality.

Food Safety Benefits:

  • Prime CWS machines require no overhead line/shackle system.
  • Overhead track, chain and trolleys can be a food safety issue due to residue buildup/drop potential.
  • Overhead lines also have the chance of mechanical pieces falling into food preparation areas.

Ease-Of-Maintenance Benefits:

  • The entirety of the machine is at floor level, allowing time-efficient sanitation, with no ladders or additional height exposure for crews.
  • Prime CWS-Series machines feature an optional sliding track for easy access.
  • CWS Wing Segmenters can be installed quickly and efficiently.
  • Backed by Prime Equipment Group service technicians with years of experience on the machines.

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