Unlock Keel Profits with Prime Equipment Group’s CKH-1 Chicken Keel Harvester

Increased demand for keels for pharmaceutical use opens up new revenue streams

The market for chicken keels is heating up, and you can cash in with Prime Equipment Group’s CKH-1 Chicken Keel Harvester.

Fueling the growing keel market is the global demand for glucosomine-chondroitin, the popular supplement aimed at protecting and rebuilding arthritic joints and cartilige. And the key ingredient in chondroitin production? Chicken keels.

With worldwide demand for glucosomine predicted to increase steadily through 2022, keel harvesting has become a major profit center — commanding up to $3.50 per pound in the pharma market.

The easiest way to automate keel removal is Prime Equipment Group’s effective and high-yielding CKH-1 Chicken Keel Harvester. Designed to sit astride the cone line in the final position, the CKH-1 automatically cuts keels from carcasses, and sends them to a tub or conveyor, depending on processing needs.

“The key to maximizing profits is how the keels are sold,” says Prime Equipment Group President Joe Gasbarro. “We’ve had buyers tell us that they’ll pay $1.50 to $2 per pound for unprocessed keels with meat protein still attached. At the high end, keels processed through a separator or cleaned in a small scalder are commanding up to $3.50 per pound.

“Needless to say, with those kinds of prices, Prime’s CKH-1 machines pay for themselves extremely quickly,” Gasbarro says. “It pays to look into keel harvesting, and Prime is here to help.”

CKH-1 Chicken Keel Harvester key features and benefits

    • No added labor
    • “On the fly” adjustability to maintain highest yield and product quality
    • Innovative belt design ensures maximum yield via positive frame positioning before the blade
    • Machine/project payback in under 6 months
    • Effective at all line speeds

For complete information on Chicken Keel Harvesting, including an ROI worksheet with a payback schedule, and potential buyers, contact your Prime Equipment Group Regional Sales Manager today.