Get More A-Grade And B-Grade Paws Simply And Efficiently

The efficient, cost-effective, reliable way to increase paw yields

ILPS-1Looking to increase profits from paws? The Prime Equipment Group In-Line Paw Scrubber ILPS-1, is the answer.

“You won’t find a more thorough way to clean and upgrade paws, minimize water use and reduce water temperatures in scalders down-line than our ILPS-1,” said Prime Equipment President Joe Gasbarro. “Those benefits combine to produce a higher quality paw product, and allow for a quick ROI payback on the machine.”

Features and benefits:

  • Removes ammonia burns and cuticle from paws on-line and in the shackle
  • Installed on-line after the finishing picker and before or after the hock cutter
  • Upgrades more paws to A-Grade and B-Grade
  • Increases saleable yield and revenue from pawsILPS brush
  • Patented plastic brush tread design maximizes paw contact and cleaning action
  • Interchangeable scrubber segments allow for ease of maintenance, and fine tuning of cleaning aggressiveness.
  • More effective than water jets; does not require high-pressure water
  • On-line operation cleans paws at all line speeds.

For more information on the ILPS-1, click here, call (614) 253-8950, visit or contact your Prime Equipment Group Regional Sales Manager today.