Join Us For Happy Hour Eats And Frosty Beverages at IPPE 2018

Tuesday, Jan. 30, and Wednesday, Jan. 31,  4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. It’s back by popular demand–the best way to kick back and enjoy yourself on the floor of the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta: Happy Hour at Prime Equipment Group’s booth at C1323. This year, happy hour is set for 4:30 p.m. […]

Prime strengthens industry relations and customer service

Prime Equipment Group is pleased to announce a few changes in the company’s Sales Department that will help us better reach and serve poultry processors in the U.S. and globally. “Prime has always been, and continues to be, a company driven by two key principles—industry-leading processing innovation and strong, attentive and receptive relationships with our […]

Prime Equipment Group Expands Poultry Deboning Options As The Exclusive, Worldwide Supplier Of The Sterling Manufacturing Co. Product Line

Prime offers customers the widest options and best solutions for turkey dark meat and wing deboning Prime Equipment Group, the industry leader in turkey first- and second-processing equipment, is pleased to announce that it will expand its product offerings as the exclusive supplier of Sterling Manufacturing Co. deboning equipment in the U.S. and internationally. Already […]

Prime Equipment’s Gizzard Wizard™ Makes Gizzard Processing Easy

Process 10,000 gizzards per hour with higher yields using the GF-1 Gizzard Wizard and the Tectru GM-10,000 Want to take the headache out of your gizzard processing with higher throughput, increased yields, enhanced worker safety and the best operational efficiency? Look no further than the Gizzard Wizard™ system from Prime Equipment Group. Using Prime Equipment Group’s GF-1 […]

The H-D Simple Skinner : Simple Skinning, Simple Maintenance, Simple Sanitation

All-new skinner from the industry’s innovation leader upgrades legendary Prime performance and ease-of-use How do you re-imagine the industry’s most successful skinner for the next generation? Very carefully–and with the collective experience Prime Equipment Group has gained from building and delivering more than 800 skinners to processing plants around the world. “We started with the input from […]

Join Prime Equipment Group at IPPE For Happy Hour Eats And Frosty Beverages

Stop by Booth 7337 Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:30-6 p.m. for Happy Hour What do you really need after a full day of walking the halls of the Georgia Congress Center at the IPPE show? That’s right: Happy Hour at your friendly neighborhood Prime Equipment Group booth (7337), complete with complimentary frosty beverages and snacks. “If […]

Add 0.25 Percent To Yield And Pay Back In A Month? It’s Possible, With The Dual-Cascade Cooler™

New DCC-1 solidifies emulsified fat to pick up yield—and adds an additional intervention point for anti-microbial agents Ever look at the floor under the line coming from your final picker and see the sheen of oil on the water? That’s yield, disappearing down the drain. Prime Equipment Group’s new Dual Cascade Cooler reclaims that lost […]

Reduce Labor And Increase Yield With The All-New, Auto-Loading Skinner From Prime Equipment Group

The industry leader in poultry skinning innovation debuts the CSK-Auto with significant labor savings and patented skinning action Looking to reduce your line labor and increase yield? Now the all-new skinner from Prime Equipment Group will skin bone-in whole legs, drums and thighs directly from the line–without a worker needed to orient product a particular way. “Our Skinners […]

Go Green with Prime Water Re-Circulation

Take our exclusive on-line instant seminar and learn how to save water, money and the environment in minutes When it comes to water re-use and re-circulation, Prime Equipment Group’s engineers literally wrote the book, back in the mid-2000s. That’s when the experts at the facility that became Prime-Gainesville worked with the USDA to craft the regulations […]

Improve Quality, Yield–Even Eliminate The Cropper With The CSNS-2

The CSNS-2 Chicken Shoulder & Neck Skinner from Prime offers a comprehensive solution that helps multiple processes Are your machines doing everything they can to maximize your plant’s performance? The Prime Equipment Group CSNS-2 Chicken Neck & Shoulder Skinner can better your processing and up your stats in four distinct areas. “Prime Equipment Group works hard to provide value-added solutions, […]

Reduce labor, increase yield on tenders

Save 1 person per line per shift, and up to 2 grams per tender The best way to add to your bottom line? Reduce labor and increase yield. The Prime Equipment Group CTTC-1 Chicken Tender Tendon Clipper consistently does both. The numbers tell the story: 1 person per line per shift saved. Up to 2 grams […]

Anti-Microbial Parts Washers, Box Icers, Overhead And More From Prime

Prime offers more than just machines, including shackle washers, screens, cone lines, conveyors, foot unloaders and more Prime Equipment Group prides itself on providing more than machines to our processors–we offer solutions throughout the plant, no matter what the need. When you require anti-microbial parts washers, overhead line parts, conveyors, whole bird chillers, washers, conelines, foot […]

Prime Equipment Group in the news

Geno Gasbarro, the founder of Prime Equipment Group who still works in the company’s R&D department every day, was recently profiled in Meatpacking Journal, which featured in its most recent issue a five-page spread on the inventor who holds more than 40 patents and helped shape poultry cut-up in the U.S. and the world. The article […]

CWS-Series Wing Segmenters: Great Wing & Breast Yield, Great Worker Ergonomics

Prime Equipment Group originated the Wing Segmenter category, and the CWS-Series Segmenters remain the market leaders, with more than 400 in operation worldwide. The CWS-Series leads the industry in: Breast & Wing Yield Worker Ergonomics Cut quality Cut consistency Food Safety Ease of Maintenance “Prime Wing Segmenters have benefitted from a constant program of innovation […]

Chicken Wing Segmenter Upgrade Program from Prime

Up to 16 upgrades available to pre-2012 models; the first machine’s parts are on us.* We’re pleased to announce the Prime Chicken Wing Segmentor Upgrade Program for pre-2012 CWS-Series segmenters. This  new program now allows you to try before you buy up to  16 machine upgrades that ease maintenance, upgrade more wing cuts, and enhance […]

Anti-Microbial Answers From Prime Equipment Group

Multiple options available to reduce bacteria counts throughout the line Processors know there is no single magic bullet when it comes to reducing bacteria counts–which is why many Prime Equipment Group machines offer anti-microbial benefits that can work effectively as part of a complete intervention program.”Proper intervention strategies are always top-of-mind for plant managers, especially […]

Prime Equipment Group in the news

Prime Equipment Group has been making headlines in local and national media. Here’s a few of our latest appearances: Wall Street Journal: Prime Equipment Group CEO Michael Gasbarro was quoted in a Jan. 21, 2015, WSJ story, “Strong Dollar Forces Factories to Lose Flab: Manufacturers Automate More and Specialize to Remain Competitive When Foreign Exchange […]

Connect with Prime On Your Smartphone

Looking for the easiest way to get critical info, machine specifications, access to the Prime Equipment Group hotline and more? Look no further than Prime’s mobile app, now in its third iteration. Available free for iPhone, Android and Windows mobile phones, the app–Prime Equipment Connect–is designed to be a go-to source for plant managers, operators […]

Skinner Upgrades Boost Efficiency, Ease Maintenance

The industry’s best skinners keep getting better, with new upgrades and conversion kits that keep your Prime Equipment Group Chicken and Turkey Skinners performing their best. “Prime Skinners lead the industry in performance, yield and efficiency, but we’re always working to make them even better,” said Prime Equipment Group President Joe Gasbarro. “We’ve made a […]

Nicholas Gasbarro Joins Prime Equipment Group As Vice President For Business Development And General Counsel

Prime Equipment Group is pleased to announce that Nick Gasbarro will join the company as Vice President of Business Development &  General Counsel, with a focus on legal oversight and sales expansion in existing and new international markets. Nick Gasbarro brings to Prime Equipment Group a background in corporate law, business law, mergers & acquisitions […]

Prime Equipment Group Re-Launches Website With Fresh Look, New Functionality

Prime Equipment Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new website to better serve the poultry processing industry, featuring cleaner presentation, easier-to-find information and a more direct connection to the company known for its innovative and reliable processing machines. “At Prime, our goal is to exceed the needs of the industry, and that’s […]

Prime Brasil Adds Engineering Resources To Better Serve South American Customers

Prime Equipment Group is pleased to announce the addition of new engineering resources in its Brasil office, which will allow the poultry processing equipment company to start soon manufacturing machines and spare parts in Brasil. “Prime Equipment Group is committed to the Brasil and South America markets, and this move will allow us to better […]

Prime To Support FoodCraft Line With OEM Parts, Service And Re-Engineered New Machinery

Prime Equipment Group is pleased to announce that it will now supply OEM parts and service for existing FoodCraft poultry processing machinery, along with sales and re-engineering of new machines based on the FoodCraft line, thanks to a new partnership between the two companies.

Prime Equipment Group Opens Mexico Sales And Service Office

In an effort to better serve Mexico and Latin America, Prime Equipment Group is proud to announce the opening of a new Sales and Service office in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, focusing on sales outreach for the company’s comprehensive line of poultry processing machines.

Prime Equipment Group Adds New Engineering Resources

To continue its leadership position in innovation and reliability in the manufacturing of poultry processing equipment, Prime Equipment Group is pleased to announce the addition of two new engineering employees to the staff at its Columbus, Ohio, headquarters.

Prime announces Alexander “Sasha” Libin as new Regional Sales Manager for the Mid-West USA territory

Beginning May 5, 2014, Sasha Libin will become Regional Sales Manager for Prime Equipment Group. This territory includes, TN, KY, OH, MI, IN, IL, WI, MN, IA, SD, ND, NE, KS and MO.